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Immerse yourself in Jewish learnings and take your career to the next level at Hebrew Union College. With HUC, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to transform your life and inspire others. We offer several programs to help you develop your leadership skills, including Cantorial, Rabbinic Studies, Jewish Education, and Jewish Nonprofit Leadership. Become a visionary leader while pursuing a career that will bring you personal and professional fulfillment.

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I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such supportive, inquisitive faculty that truly want me to grow as an educator. My colleagues have become my friends, and I am so appreciative of the conversations we have, the projects we work on, and the mutual respect we share for one another.

-Eliana Rubin (they/she), Second-Year Student, Master of Educational Leadership Program, HUC/Los Angeles

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  • World-Class FacultyOur faculty are internationally recognized for their teaching, research, and mentorship. Experts in the field provide you with professional development and training preparing you for the next step in your career.
  • Student SuccessHUC is proud to be the largest Jewish seminary in North America for Jewish studies, placing 100% of graduates in jobs or pursuing further education within one year of ordination or graduation.
  • Internationally RecognizedOur scholars represent the largest Jewish studies faculty outside of Israel and are internationally recognized for their scholarship, teaching, and mentorship.
  • Multiple LocationsWhether you are seeking leadership development opportunities or looking to grow your spiritual connections, HUC offers educational programs at four centers of learning in Cincinnati, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and New York.
Our graduates make positive impacts in many spiritually fulfilling career roles, including:
  • Rabbis
  • Cantors
  • Scholars
  • Educators
  • Advocates
  • Social Activists
  • Military Chaplains
  • Nonprofit Leaders
  • Founders of Start-Ups
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Counselors

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  • >90%of Graduates Receive Job Offers within 6 Months of Graduation
  • 97%of Students in Eligible Programs Receive Scholarship Support
  • 4,000+Active Alumni around the World